Membership Information:

  • Membership to Shire City Sanctuary grants you access to our facility and shared equipment.
  • We offer two basic types of membership: monthly (allows 24 hour access) and daily.
  • All membership types allow you access to all of the shared equipment — but you have to be trained or at least tested on the equipment by our staff or instructors before you can use it.
  • Memberships are only available to adults 18 and up.
  • You can sign up and pay for memberships in person at Shire City Sanctuary any time during staffed hours: ¬†Tuesday through Saturday 10-6.
  • If you are an experienced tool user and need to test out on tools to be able to use them as a member, you can contact us at or 413-236-9600 to set up a time.
  • To learn how to use our tools, check out our current classes and trainings posted here.


Monthly Memberships:

Great for artists, hobbyists, small businesses, and start-ups! With a monthly membership, you get 24 hour access to the facilities, as well as option for storage space rental or your very own workshop/studio space for an additional cost.

Monthly Membership rates and access:
Unlimited access to facilities: $150 (individual), $200 (business up to 4 people)
~100 square foot workspace: +$150
Storage: +$25

Daily Memberships:

Great for gifts or for occasional use. You can use the multi-day packs for one big project, or divided over several months–they do not expire!

Daily Memberships rates and access:
Single day (access Tuesday-Saturday: 10-6): $35
Discounts are given for purchases of multiple day passes; packs of 5 can be purchased for $150.

 Nights and Weekend Memberships:

This membership option is great for those who can’t get to our space during the day, or maybe you just do your most creative work at night!

Nights and Weekends rates and access:

  • 10AM-5PM access to facility and shared equipment on weekends.

  • 5PM-10PM access to facility on weekends.

  • 25% discount on classes and events.

  • Inclusion in special events, meetings and offers.
  • Individual- $55 a month.
  • Organization/Family (up to 4 people) $100 per month.

Supporting Memberships:

A great option for those who would like to support the Makerspace (and receive discounts on all events and classes) but may not be able to utilize a full membership at this time.

Supporting Membership rates:

  • 50% discount on day passes.
  • 25% discount on classes and events.
  • Inclusion in special events, meetings and offers.
  • Individual- $600 per year
  • Organization/Family (up to 4 people) $1000 per year.

Screen printing:

  • Please note: we ask that you pre-order the screens you need.
  • A $35/day fee includes one screen. Each additional screen is $10.

Please take a moment to read through our Membership Agreement.

Membership Type